Zeolite e montmorillonite - Elkopur312

Detoxifying effects and properties

Il nostro prodotto Elkopur 312 >eolite


Following some requests from consumers and retailers, we contacted the Swiss company Elkomed, manufacturer of the Elkopur312 product, in the person of the Technical Manager of the Pharmaceutical Engineer Katharina Kogler project, who provided us with the following clarifications:

- We are aware that in Germany there is the use of taking zeolite powder and for this reason in the past we wanted to carry out laboratory research and tests to verify the safety and effectiveness of the method of administration. We have found that contact with the mucosa and saliva and the journey from the mouth to the stomach involves a substantial loss of adsorbent efficacy of the zeolite and a change in pH that cause acidity and gastric reflux in most subjects. For these reasons we do not supply powdered products.

- With Elkopur 312 it is not necessary to take long periods of intake as the very high efficacy of the product leads to tangible and lasting results within a few days (12 to 30 days are more than enough). - It should be noted that there are over 400 types of zeolite on the market with extremely different qualities and properties. A product comparison based solely on the quantity of zeolite per dose without knowing with certainty the type of zeolite and the degree of purity, is useless and misleading. The type of zeolite contained in.

- Elkopur 312 also contains another mining land, Montmorillonite which allows a faster and safer evacuation of the zeolite with the captured toxins, simultaneously stimulating the beneficial intestinal bacterial flora (unlike other products containing only zeolite which can lead to difficulties intestinal).

- Montmorillonite has a higher cost than zeolite. For this reason and above all for the fact that adequate knowledge and experience in the chemical-pharmaceutical field is required, the formulation of Elkopur 312 with Mont-morillonite stands out as unique.

- The relationship between zeolite and mont-morillonite contained in a capsule is part of Elkomed's know-how.

With the hope of having provided more useful information to better understand the product and the Premium quality of Elkopur312, we take this opportunity to extend cordial greetings.

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