Zeolite e montmorillonite - Elkopur312

Detoxifying effects and properties

Il nostro prodotto Elkopur 312 >eolite

1) The use of Elkopur312-Zeolite Montmorillonite is safe? The Zeolite and Montmorillonite used for Elkopur312 are of excellent quality and if taken as recommended on the notice sheet IS SAFE! No side effects and contraindications. However, for those with health problems, it is recommended that you consult your healthcare professional or trust pharmacist before taking the product.

2) When should Elkopur312-Zeolite + Montmorillonite be taken?
There are no special moments when Elkopur312 is taken.
However, it is recommended to take it at least 1 hour and a half away from other drugs-supplements to avoid the interaction and possible reduction of efficacy of the drug-supplement. If taken before the nocturnal rest Elkopur312 lightens the work of the liver and contributes to create an alkaline state of the organism offering as a consequence a deeper night rest. If taken immediately after a meal Elkopur312 absorbs about 30% of the fats of the meal.

3) Taking Elkopur312-Zeolite + Montmorillonite should be cycled or finished within a certain period of time?
There are no particular recommendations in this regard and are left to the advice of your caring physician or to your interpretation and sensitivity. There is no maximum recruitment period and no recurrence is necessary. The recruitment period may vary depending on various parameters such as the state of health, the level of pollutants, the persistence or absence of polluting sources. It is generally advisable to take 1-2 months with a suspension of the same period.

4) Taking Elkopur312-Zeolite + Montmorillonite can cause annoyances like head traumas?
Yes, if the detoxification is high because of a degree of significant organic intoxication, the first days you may experience the typical effects of a detoxifying phase such as lighthead, dizziness, desire to sleep. This should not be interpreted as a denouncing factor, but as a reaction of the body to the absence of the toxin stimulus. It is enough to reduce the Elkopur312 dosage for a few days and once these sensations disappear, gradually increase the dosage over the days. A headache is the main warning sign of body intoxication. The toxins in the body have increased so fast that poisons are circulating in the bloodstream and cause pressure in the brain and nerves. Even dehydration causes migraines. A quick way to get rid of a headache and drink plenty of water or hydrate the colon with an enema

5) Women taking contraceptive pill may take Elkopur312? Yes, women taking contraceptive pill may take Elkopur312 but, as is also reported in the internal illustrative leaflet, it is recommended to take Elkopur312 away from other medication supplements for at least 1 hour and 1

6) Is it true that Zeolite can contain metals such as lead or aluminum?
Yes it is true, since being both Zeolite and Montmorillonite two volcanic minerals may contain traces of these minerals being a natural compound. The important thing, from a healthy point of view, is that such minerals are not sold within the human body during the passage of the product. To have this certainty it is important that the molecule of the raw material be machined with appropriate processes that keep it "closed" - sealed. Elkopur312 is processed through 4 phases each with controls by independent certification bodies and does not undergo chemical and physical processing. Elkopur312 guarantees the absolute safety and quality that enables it to be marketed with CE certification. Elkopur312 is 100% safe and without contraindications.