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Detoxifying effects and properties

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Boost your immune defenses by cleaning up your intestines. In the intestine, 70% of the immune system is concentrated, which has the task of killing viruses, bacteria, parasites.

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To preserve one's immunity, it is very important to maintain excellent intestinal hygiene. The most logical thing would be to eliminate, in case of lowering of the immune functions, everything that is "immune depressant", that is: industrial foods, tobacco, alcohol, products of chemical origin, mental stress and tensions, lack of physical exercise.

Cleaning the intestine allows us to preserve the optimal conditions of this organ and to have an overall improvement in terms of the health of our body. A good way to keep the colon clean is to take zeolite.

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Zeolite is a mineral of volcanic origin that performs a highly detoxifying and purifying function within our body, as it captures numerous substances from the intestinal tract, in particular the molecules of heavy metals and various toxins (pesticides, free radicals, digestive toxins and radioactive ions) and expels them through the faeces without being absorbed by the human body, therefore through a physical action. It is taken in the form of a supplement and in addition to carrying out a detoxifying function, zeolite has a positive effect on the organic alkaline balance and optimizes and improves the natural intestinal positive bacterial flora.

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Some scientific studies have shown that zeolite acts on the intestinal microbial flora by enhancing both the activity of lactobacillus acidophilus and bifidobacterium bifidum (in fact, what breast milk contains is very important), and by preserving structural integrity.

Every day we ingest toxins from water, from food, from drugs, from the air, which is why the condition of the intestinal walls is essential for maintaining robust immunity and general good health.

There are more and more scientific studies that show how it is possible to repair the intestinal wall with an appropriate diet and with the support of natural products.


Which zeolite to take?

There are many types of zeolite on the market with the most disparate prices. Zeolite is a medical device and if used for oral use it must be registered with the Ministry of Health as class 2a or higher) and have the CE certification.

Elkopur 312 is the skilful and synergistic blend of Zeolite and Montmorillonite (another type of mineral of volcanic origin) which allows a very rapid expulsion of the captured toxins preventing their re-absorption into the bloodstream and all this in a gentle and beneficial way for the intestinal bacterial flora.

Elkopur 312 is produced following the strict Swiss safety standards that guarantee absolute safety and allow it to be registered as a class 2a medical device at the Italian Ministry of Health. This means that Elkopur 312 offers evident, rapid and above all safe health effects as evidenced by the numerous reviews of satisfied consumers.

Elkopur 312 does not contain gluten, preservatives and dyes and the capsules are vegetable, therefore it is also suitable for vegetarians and vegans and is tax deductible from medical expenses.

N.B. it should be noted that the Elkopur312 product is a medical device and not a drug-medicine therefore it cannot boast curative properties. Elkopur312 is a valid support for the human body to help detoxify the gastrointestinal system, thus promoting the natural immune defenses and contributing to the general state of health.