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Detoxifying effects and properties

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Ordinary Zeolite Elkopur 312 - Zeolite + Montmorillonite
Often they come from mines located in countries that do not have strict controls on raw materials Elkopur 312 Zeolite and Montmorillonite comes from mines in Europe carefully selected and controlled in each batch of raw material.
To save money, many manufacturers use techniques with explosives that can pollute the zeolite. Our zeolite and montmorillonite are extracted with mechanical procedures that keep their structure unaltered.
Some companies use low quality raw materials containing polluting elements (such as arsenic) and for this reason they cannot obtain CE certification as class 2 medical devices. They can also be used for external use eg. cosmetic and then registered as class1. During the CE certification, Elkopur312 produces for each batch, the laboratory analyzes proving the absolute purity and safety of the raw materials, which are essential to have the permission to place the product on the market to be ingested and then registered as class 2.
Many companies use micro grinding processes to increase the contact surface and activate the material. Elkopur 312 does not use micro-grinding, but a special blend with the natural crystal structure of the mineral earth.
Variable ability to remove toxic substances from the body, depending on the quality of the raw material. Elkopur 312 has a capacity to remove toxic substances from the body hundreds of times higher than ordinary zeolite and this is found in a few days of use.
Many companies do not carry out the CE Certification as it requires an expensive production of many documents certifying the safety of the raw material and processing. Elkopur 312 is not only in possession of regular EC Certification No. 0481, but is controlled in 4 production steps by independent control bodies such as the Swiss Institute of Therapeutic Products.
Almost all companies use only zeolite. Elkopur 312 is the skilful and synergistic blend of Zeolite and Montmorillonite that allows a very rapid expulsion of the captured toxins, preventing their re-absorption into the bloodstream and all this in a gentle and beneficial way for the intestinal bacterial flora. All this means that Elkopur 312 offers noticeable, quick and above all safe health effects as evidenced by the numerous reviews of satisfied consumers.
No effects found or proven by scientific studies. It has various positive effects proven in various scientific studies.
No scientific support. Elkopur 312 boasts many years of experience on the market and many consumer feed-backs used in collaboration with a scientific council of the manufacturer.
Some products are placed on the market as dietary supplements in contravention of the law. Elkopur 312 is a class 2 medical device, registered at the Italian Ministry of Health at No. 1135847 and in other European countries.
Absence of the information leaflet containing indications, dosage, warnings-side effects. Elkopur 312 contains the information sheet with all the necessary information required by the medical device regulations and for this reason it is regularly deductible at 19% of health expenses in the tax return.